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Besides the coffeeshops there are also two cafes, three souvenir shops and a hotel in Amsterdam. The Bulldog also expanded across the borders of Amsterdam with a hotel and vacation homes in Canada, social clubs in Barcelona and Ibiza, a bar-restaurant in the centre of Rome and on the tropical island of Aruba. On top of it all there are several product lines like merchandising, Iced Coffee, The Bulldog energy drink, smoker products and seeds.

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Netherlands (Holland) White Pages and Yellow Pages Phone Books

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Netherlands Phone Books

Find a person by email with Netherlands reverse email lookup. Netherlands Gouden Gids.

Search businesses in the Netherlands Yellow Pages - detelefoongids. The phone book is in English and Dutch. Netherlands Yalwa Directory.


Find a business in the Netherlands Business Yellow Book - yalwa. Lookup by name, type, service or category, and choose location. The phone book is in Dutch.

Netherlands Telefoongids. Find a person in the Netherlands Phone Book - detelefoongids. Find a person in the Netherlands telephone book for phone numbers and addresses.

Telephone Directories: Netherlands and International

Netherlands Telefoonboek. Look up people or business with the Netherlands Telephone Book - telefoonboek. Find by person or business name and choose the location. Area codes and zip codes are also available. The phone book is in Dutch only.

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