Lg phone goes dead searching for service

How to perform a hard reset when my LG G4 is unresponsive.

LG G4 Android Steps to follow: Before resetting your phone, turn it off and then on again. This may fix some issues. If your phone won't turn off, remove and then reinsert the battery.

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If your phone doesn't turn back on, follow the steps below to perform a hard reset. Press and hold the Volume down and Power buttons until the LG logo appears on the screen. Keeping the Volume down button held down, release the Power button then immediately press and hold it again.

LG G5 Service Disabled - Invalid Sim Fixed

Third-party chargers may not work to recover the device when it is in a no power state. When attempting to recover a device that won't power on, only use the included wall charger to ensure best results. If the LED indicator doesn't light up after minutes, move the wall charger to a different outlet to ensure the issue isn't with the outlet.

If you see any, the charging problem is most likely with the charger and not the cell phone. Replace the charger and check whether the phone is able to power the battery back up again.


How to perform a hard reset when my LG G4 is unresponsive

Spray compressed air into the mini-USB port. This expels dust and other debris that clogs the charger port, preventing it from connecting to the charger or USB cable.

Part 2: Check whether it is a charging problem.

Remove the battery from the cell phone, leave it out for a few minutes, then insert the battery back into the phone. Power on the device and wait for the phone to turn on. This performs a hard reset that clears damaged information from the phone and corrects most software issues.