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Profile Phone Address Email Birthday. Click on the View Details button for more information. Farmingville, NY. View Details. Has Lived In:.

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Email Addresses:. Relatives and Associates. Thomas R Britt Columbia, SC. New Hampton, IA. Irvington, NJ.

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Thomas R Britt Deceased. Nashville, TN. Chester, VA. Riverview, FL.

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Hudson, FL. Mr Thomas R Britt Tampa, FL. Temple Terrace, FL. Taylors, SC.

Denham Springs, LA. Wesson, MS. West End, NC. Greenville, SC. Death Certificate Services

Dallas, TX. Cordova, TN.

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Memphis, TN. It had a lot of menu items to remember, a lot of strict procedures to follow but overall it is probably my favorite workplace yet.

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Great place to work if you want to learn and move up. A lot of training and development opportunities available for anybody looking to make a career out of Taco Bell. They are always improving their systems and provide plenty of training and coaching to be sure they remain a successful company. Would've recommend anyone to work there very stressful and unorganized. A plcae to get quick cash not career. They are nit thoughtful of life outside of work ,only work,work,work was there mentality.

Fun in loving work place. Its a great place to work at the crew members in the mangers are nice in will work around ur other things going on in life. We try to keep everything clam when we get big lunch time rush it sometimes it gets to be to much but we get through it. Comfortable and Helpful Environment. I knew from the start everyone I was working with were very helpful and willing to assist me whenever because my first day I struggled for some time but then I quickly got the hang of it thanks to my coworkers. It's an easy job. It's not hard to catch on to.

Requires you to be friendly. Fun workplace with different personalities. On a typical shift I would make about orders and help other co-workers finish a task. The work was fun and the customers were always happy to come back. It was okay but it was very hectic especially with the speed of service. I understand customers come first but i feel at times some customers take advantage and we cant speak out on it.

I learned that many times you will have to be the bigger person for the sake of what's important Productive and easy. It was a great easy job, this was not a job that I did not look forward to going to.

I always didn't mind coming in, the customers are for the most part great. Taco Bell As A shift lead. The job itself was not complicated, in fact at times it was highly enjoyable day to day working with my team, however the particular store I'm at tends to have me second guessing my decisions. There are times when I work and my money does not reflect it on my check. There are times when I feel as if drama is all there is in the store. There are also times when I question the competency of my managers and upper management. For first time Jobs not so bad, for careers not my first pick.

Always on the go. It's pretty simple work and your fellow employees are the only ones that make things stressful. You have to be able to leave it all at the door when you leave, but other than that it's brainless. Relaxed setting of diversity. Taco bell fastfood. Big team based company.. Nice coaching program.