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We can help you start over after a criminal conviction. Your past does not have to hold you back. Every case is different, and you may be eligible for one or more of the options listed here. For more information about your conviction relief options, call us today.

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Riverside Expungement Attorney Having a criminal record can follow you around for years and have a negative impact on social life, career path, and even your family. How an Expungement Lawyer Can Help California law gives you the right to petition the courts to dismiss prior convictions in the event you successfully completed probation or it was terminated. What are the Eligibility Requirements for Expungement?

The California Expungement Process The expungement process in California is not easy, and it requires a lot of steps. Sealing Juvenile Records through Expungement in California Juvenile records can be especially damaging and likely do not reflect your adult character. Eligibility for Expungement in Riverside You may be eligible for expungement of an infraction, misdemeanor, or a felony if: You have fulfilled the obligations of sentencing, including probation, rehabilitation, and community service. You do not have another criminal case pending against you and are not serving a sentence for additional convictions. Why Expunge My Record? Other Types of Conviction Relief In addition to expungement, Californians may also petition for other types of criminal record protection, including: Having an arrest record sealed or destroyed.

For arrests that did not end in convictions, individuals may request to have a record sealed or destroyed. The process goes above and beyond the normal bounds of the case to ensure an arrest record cannot be used against an individual later.

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  • Riverside County Criminal Record Expungement?

Certificate of Rehabilitation CR. Such a certificate sometimes can relieve individuals from sex offender registration and may help individuals secure employment and professional licensing. It does not remove or seal your record, but it provides formal recognition that the conviction is in the past. Unlike expungements, a Certificate of Rehabilitation is filed in your current county of residence as opposed to the court of conviction. Perris, CA.

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