How to find out someones password on gaiaonline

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Cyberattack on Google Said to Hit Password System

Gaia Hollywood is a virtual Hollywood created for the game Gaia Online. If you' re wondering how to hack Gaia accounts, the solution may be simpler than you. If you' re wondering how to hack Gaia accounts, the solution may be simpler than you a programming loop hole in order to hack into someone's Friendster account. If you' re wondering how to hack Gaia accounts, the solution may be simpler than you The iTunes App Store makes it easy to buy an app or game on someone else's. New users: expect to have to pay for nice items, the questing system for earning gold in the marketplace is pointless because of gold generators, and the log-in page is incredibly misleading because zOMG!

Now, let me tell you a little story-- When I was around 11 I'm 19 now I would pay the site for cool items to impress all of my friends with. I had a lot of cool stuff, in fact, if I had those items today I could sell it on the site for a lot of on site money. Problem is, I, like many other users, was hacked and stolen from. I had nothing left, had to go through a lot of hoops to get my account back, and then filed a report to get my stuff back. What a bunch of slimy, greedy, scammers. I had forgiven them for it and tried to sign in into a new account so I could sell my art on the site, but then I was put back into the reality that Gaia Online is a JOKE.

Now, this isn't my personal email account because I knew that Gaia had really bad security problems so it's not too bad, but they could still hack into my other accounts.

Google's universal sign-on service "Gaia" compromised in Chinese hacks? – BGR

All you can do to report a problem is to send a specific ticket. Does this site have human minds functioning behind it? Or a bunch of heartless robots?

I needed to complain to gaia, yet again, to have the chance of getting my old items back, but they don't even have legit customer service. Because they're a bunch of greedy weasels, waiting to prey on kids who, out of ignorance for the dangers of the internet, buy items with their own money only to experience gaia scamming them out of their trust for the site. Seriously gaia, you need to be put down. I've been on Gaia Online for a little over 10 years now. I used to love the site. And when I could I would give the site my money. Those who ran the site respected and cared about the site and it's users.

Gaiaonline Account Cracker

Those who ran the site would take the time and listen to the user's want and needs. And best of all it was free to use.

People could earn gold virtual currency without having to use real money. With enough hard work people could get any item they wanted. But now it's all about real life money. With the constant push of cash items, gold generator releases, lack of respect, lack of communication and broken promises it's gone down hill. Thanks to the constraint release of gold generators have made it next to impossible to buy anything from the marketplace.

Those who can't use real life money have been left behind. They can't buy anything because inflation has gotten so high that it's impossible to earn enough gold. There used to be a weekly thread where users could talk to the Admins of the site.

How can I retrieve my Gaia online password?

Ask questions, get information or just talk and get to know the better. But now that has been replaced by a monthly blog. One that users cannot reply to. People have asked Gaia to try and fix the inflation problem they created with the release of gold generators and all they've done is release another gold generator. Users on Gaia today feel mistreated and ignored. To us it feels like the current Gaia Online only sees it's users as cash cows and not people. As much as I hate to say it, it would be best to just stay away from Gaia Online. I finally got completely disgusted and left.

This site has a loyal following of thousands of users who visit Gaia to hang out with their friends, play games, buy and sell in the marketplace and post in the forums. The founders and previous management who ran the site seemed to focus on making things more fun and building new games and features to attract users. They also sold cash shop items for a few dollars for people who wanted to support the site, but that was not their main priority. Their main priority was making Gaia a fun place to hang out on the Internet.

All that's gone down the drain. And many of the buyers are teens who don't know any better than to throw their money around on worthless pixels. They've fired most of the competent Devs and many of the artists and are down to a bare-bones crew that just churns out new cash items and does little or nothing to maintain the site.

Latest Q&A |

Anything they work on has to "pay for itself. Anything and everything is for sale, including collectible items that were never supposed to be released again. The new management is also destroying the economy by releasing gold generators that are causing hyper-inflation. Anything to make a buck. None of this will probably make much sense to people who haven't been members of this site, but it's like a virtual world with avis that you dress up using various items pixels.

Some of the items are rare and expensive, and people over the years have "invested" in these items which are now being sold indiscriminately to make more profit. People who are still on the site are clearly being taken advantage of, and it's sad to see how many of them are still throwing money at these people, hoping things will change. They are addicted to the items and can't stop buying them -- allowing themselves to be used and abused by these greedmongers. People need to wake up and stop sending money to these people.

This site is operating in a very unethical way and I'm surprised they haven't been sued. Unfortunately their new 'business practices' have created such an outcry among their users Who they aren't even listening to. It's sad to see how far down this site has gone. I doubt it will be around much longer if it keeps up at this pace.

If you're looking into joining Gaiaonline, don't. Your money is better spent elsewhere.

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I first joined Gaia when I was in middle school. It was a great way to relax and have fun at the end of the day. The community was the first thing I noticed as everyone was both welcoming and helpful. It was easy to make gold because user's are allowed to host and run their own contests. People with a talent in drawing can make money by selling art of other people's avatars.

With such a creative and unique atmosphere, Gaia became an immediate addiction in which I was logging sometimes hours of playtime a day.