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Legal help can be expensive, but cost should not be the ultimate decision-making factor. There are ways to keep costs down. Specifically, does your prospective attorney have associate attorneys and paralegals that help them? Keep in mind also that many firms offer multiple methods of payment. Some firms offer a limited scope arrangement where they will only work on the case plan and trial prep.

Retainer size also varies — some attorneys do not charge a retainer while some have a hefty upfront advance. If the firm you are interested in requires a large retainer, feel free to ask for monthly accounting and find out whether any unused monies are refundable. A good attorney can help salvage an agreement even when the cause seems to be lost, and can make small adjustments to a deal to make it more palatable to both parties.

If you need an attorney, take the time to make sure that you are getting someone who is the right fit for you and your specific case.

Complete Guide For Choosing The Right Colorado Family Law Attorney For Your Case

We hope this guide provides you with the foundation you need to gather the relevant information for you and your situation. Sometimes divorce is a cause for celebration; sometimes it is unpleasant and nasty.

A good attorney cannot change that for you, but they can do their best to secure the best settlement or judgment possible given your circumstances. To schedule a free consultation, call us at Skip to content Request free consultation Legal Guides. Do you need an attorney? Has your spouse hired an attorney? If so, they may be anticipating a lengthy or heated split. Representing yourself in this case would be like bringing a knife to a gunfight. Unless you are an experienced divorce attorney yourself, you will likely be unprepared to handle the case alone.

Even an experienced divorce attorney would likely hire counsel, knowing the emotional pitfalls of representing oneself in such a situation. Most parents would tell you that they could not emotionally afford to lose custody or visitation rights of their children. Many people may not be able to calculate a fair maintenance payment from a spouse who earns more than them.

The experiences or money you miss out on later may be more devastating than the near-term expense of getting proper representation to help negotiate a fair settlement. Should I represent myself? If you choose to represent yourself known as a pro se litigant , you will need to conduct yourself and file documents as an attorney would, even if you have had no formal training in the law.

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This includes following court protocol, filing a notice of hearing, entering evidence and taking depositions. Consider also how much time you will need to devote to the case including appearing in court for administrative matters, delivering documents, taking part in mediation sessions, following up on disclosure requests — the list goes on and on. And lastly, do you have the emotional resilience to stand up in court and be level-headed when arguing your case? In the end, you only need to ask yourself one question: Would you hire yourself to be your attorney?

If the answer is no, then you should retain a lawyer to represent you.

What Should I Expect in Colorado Divorce Court? - Colorado Springs Divorce Attorney

Finding an attorney The first impulse many people have is to gather information about potential lawyers from friends and relatives. What To Look For In seeking an attorney, look for these qualities to help you choose the right person. Proven courtroom success. Choose a lawyer who has a positive record in the courtroom. Fights for you — a warrior. While warrior may seem like a strong word, you want someone who has your best interests in mind and wants to get you the best settlement possible.

At the same time, the parties want to maintain as much privacy as possible, especially in high-profile cases.

Keeping Your Divorce Private When You Are in the Public Eye

In a high net worth divorce case, the issues of property division are more complex. Those assets often include:. Issues unique to higher net worth or higher income cases often involve multistate jurisdictional issues or complex international matters. A myriad of other complex issues are presented in high net worth divorce cases include:.

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When one or both of the spouses own a business, the value of the business must be determined as well as each spouse's share of it. When we represent owners of small businesses, closely held-corporations, or professional service practices, we work hard to help you minimize the disruption to the business while limiting your financial exposure. Divorces involving significant assets are complex and require a certain skill set and level of experience.

We work hard to help our clients find solutions that preserve their wealth while helping them transition to the next phase of life. We help our clients maintain the wealth it took a lifetime to create.

https://frencourcapoli.ga Our attorneys focus on representing men in family law cases, particularly divorce proceedings where significant assets are at stake. We have earned a reputation for being master negotiators in cases involving multimillion-dollar marital estates. We offer aggressive representation in litigation and mediation. Protecting Your Assets in a High-Net-Worth Divorce We know that division of liabilities, assets, and property is one of our clients' biggest concerns.

Contact Us. Thode helped me to reclaim years of my life that this ordeal would have ultimately cost me! We are led by a skilled litigator and mediator who is comfortable in the courtroom. We have been helping families navigate difficult legal situations for over 20 years.

Protecting Your Most Valued Property

Bill is a no-nonsense Denver family law attorney who is focused on serving his clients' needs. All of our clients receive personalized legal strategies.

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