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Common Law Marriage, Informal Marriages, and Domestic Partnership Agreements

In a common law marriage, it is assumed that a couple is married based on what they say, the circumstances, and how they present themselves. The informal marriage agreement is a way to have some formalization for a common-law marriage. In an informal marriage, a man and a woman agree on a date for the informal marriage, and the date can be a previous date. For example: a couple files for an informal marriage on August 10th, , however, in their informal marriage certificate, they can affirm that the couple agreed to be married on February 14, , a day of special significance for the couple, as long as the elements of a common-law marriage are met, which include: 1 affirming that the couple is married, 2 affirming that the couple lived as husband and wife during the time claimed in the informal marriage certificate, 3 affirming that the couple has represented themselves to other as married, and 4 affirming that since the date of informal marriage, neither party has been married to any other person.

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Common Law Marriage. What is a Domestic Partnership Agreement? What is an Informal Marriage?

If the couple separates, the normal divorce proceedings are followed. Contact Us Now What?

However, after the marriage license is issued there is a seventy-two 72 hour waiting period until the license becomes valid. The marriage license may be used anywhere in the State of Texas. After 3 days the application will be removed from our queue and you will need to complete your application again. Applications are also available to complete when you visit one of our locations. Electronic submittal of your application is not required.

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