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There are people being forced to work in fields without pay in Arkansas. This is happening right now, not a century ago.

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Vivian Flowers. Many of these incarcerated people will be free one day.

Jail and Prison Ministry

And when they are free they will immediately need money for housing, transportation, food, and court ordered supervision fees. Inmates who work should be allowed to save some of their money, and to help prepare them for life outside of prison walls.

Vivian Flowers D-Pine Bluff has proposed a constitutional amendment to end slavery for those convicted of crimes. At a news conference today, she said Arkansas was one of only two states that still used unpaid prison labor.

Then, you'll choose an officiant. Be prepared for their fees and how to pay them at the ceremony, which is most traditionally with a money order.

You'll also need a witness for the wedding. Simply bring a guest who is on your fiance's approved visitor list.

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Alternatively, you can use one of the inmates who work in the visiting area. Finally, you'll need a marriage certificate which will also require a fee.

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Depending on the prison facility's regulations, you may be allowed time together after the ceremony for wedding pictures accompanied by a short and private visit together. Marrying someone in prison is generally discouraged, so it's recommended to talk to others who have married prisoners in order to better understand how difficult the role may be for you both long-term.

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This can also help you see how, upon your spouse's release from prison, the two of you will each have to make major life-changing adjustments. Unfortunately, there is an alarming divorce rate for marriages under these circumstances. It also means that getting married to a prisoner involves jumping through a lot of legal hoops and possibly experiencing moments of heartache.