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Thanks for commenting and reaching out concerning your issues.

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I do not have any idea what quality of home you live in now or the current value so I cannot say whether it is best to move your existing home or simply purchase another one in the state where you own land. Moving a mobile home is not cheap in most areas, and it gets more and more expensive the further you transport the home. This should help to ensure a quick sale when you find a serious buyer with the cash or credit to purchase your home. Now that the home and prices are attractive you will have to market the home to his many possible buyers as you can.

I suggest you market online at websites such as sellfastbyowner. Get as many serious buyers to walk through your property as possible and aim to sell it as quickly as you can. The winter months are coming up so depending on where you live you may experience a bit of a slow down with regards to how many buyers are currently in the market.

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Always here to help. Any ideas? Thank you for reaching out and connecting. Great job finding the leads that you are able to find. When I work with folks I encourage them to aim to become an authority and dominate the local market if possible. This is done by being well-known in the area as well as proactively and reactively advertising and finding leads.

I wrote a previous article that provided a number of ideas you may want to check out. I hope this helps and starts to point you in the right direction moving forward. As always, if you have any follow-up questions never hesitate to reach out any time. All the best. Hi my husband owns a trailer in Michigan but we now live in Maryland…his son was left to live in it but moved and trashed it…we have been repairing damages and upgrades for 2. We need to sell fast and only ask what the mortgage amount is to pay off.

The age could be a hinderance at I very much regret to hear about the situation your husband son left the home in.

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That really is terrible. Sadly, I have heard this, and seen this, a number of times in the past. Great job getting it cleaned up and fixed up as much as possible. Facebook will definitely help get the word out. Make sure you are also placing this online at sites such as Craigslist, mhVillage. Also perhaps place this in a small newspaper if you are located in a town with a population less than 50, people. Advertise the home is much as possible and make sure that the price is competitive.

You want to be below the competitions price if possible. I hope this all helps and starts to point you in the right direction moving forward. I do not think I told you anything that you did not know however keep in touch and if you have any follow-up questions never hesitate to reach out. Thank you so much for reaching out concerning your questions.

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First things first, congratulations on having a home that is desirable enough to have a win-win offer made on it within just three days. With that said, if you do not sell to this buyer you may likely find another buyer that can pay you cash, will keep the home in the park, will get approved by the park, and will pay you in full quickly. I mostly agree with your neighbor about the situation moving forward.

Some mobile home parks will require that you give a 30 or 60 day written notice to the office, this verbiage may or may not be written into your lease agreement or the park rules and regulations. With that said, make sure that you tell the park manager you may be selling the home to somebody that wants the move the home out. Once this is done make sure to collect every dime you are owed from your buyer and then you may hand over the free and clear title to the home. At this point your buyer will not have to get approved by the park because they are not living there. They will have to however organize things between the mover and the current park manager.

I say current park manager because most park managers will want to be there when the home is being removed so they can make sure the lot is cleaned up afterwards. The only problem with this is that the title would remain in your name until the buyer has paid you in full. If you decide to sell this home for payments I would highly encourage you to not have the home moved out of the park until you are paid in full. However, if possible try to take all cash for the home. If you go to your bank I am not sure at what advice they can tell you.

They may have a program that lends on mobile homes however due to the age it may not be possible for your property. I hope this all makes sense and at least point you in the right direction. If you have any follow-up questions or concerns never hesitate to reach out to me anytime. Hi there guys.. Plz let me know how can i get to my family fast and safe..

And back ent. Private concerted Garage 6cars Giant awnning 3 granite tables. Also; 97 ford explorer sport 4. Thank you so much for commenting and reaching out. I hope that your move back to South America is a pleasant one and for good reasons.

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  6. Your home certainly sounds nice and the asking price is certainly not out of the question. What is the age of your mobile home and what city and state is this located in? Hello John, I have a question regarding mobile home investing and more specifically how much would it cost to start the business in the state of CA.

    Thanks much for reaching out and commenting with regards to your question. This answer does not get too descriptive so if you have any more specific questions or concerns about the dealer licensing program or investing in your state never hesitate to reach out back anytime. Keep in touch.


    Nobody cares more!

    Thank you for reaching out and commenting with regards to your question. Not putting a date for the home to be removed from your land can definitely be an easy oversight many sellers can make. After all, you figure that you resell a mobile home and the buyer gives you money, they are going to want it removed and on their property ASAP. Hopefully you still have a copy of the previous title or the been or serial numbers around. As the land owner you can certainly file for an abandoned title or even place a lien on the mobile home.

    I would only do this as a last resort or if the buyer is MIA you feel you may need to resell the mobile home to a new buyer. If you go this route than I would highly suggest you keep the money the first buyer gave to you so you can refund it to him when he eventually shows up. Concerning your question about state laws and timeline with regards to moving homes off land, I do not believe that this is written anywhere into law, however I could be very wrong about this.

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    With that said, I am curious if the new buyers transfer the ownership into his name yet. I hope this helps and at least point you in the right directions. If you have any follow-up questions or concerns please never hesitate to reach out anytime. In short, moving a mobile home with a qualified mover should take only a few days to prep the home at most, depending on weather and then it is removed from your land.

    It certainly sounds like the seller is delaying for some reason. Hope this helps a bit. I bought a trailer it was disgusting and roach invested my fiance and i agreed to make payments after signing a paper stating we would do so the previous owner signed over the title to the trailer. Additionally, thank you for your transparency and honesty in your comment.

    While it seems that the title is yours free and clear, if you did sign an agreement to pay the seller extra money and you are legally bonded to do so. You obviously know how your seller will react you do not continue paying moving forward. With that said I encourage you to pay if that was already agreed to. The home absolutely sounds like you needed repairs however what is in writing is typically what will be required of you. I hope this helps and starts to point you in the right direction. If you have any follow-up questions or concerns please never hesitate to reach out any time.

    Hello, I see some of these posts are old.

    Can you please advise me? I bought a mobile home from a guy, he wanted 25, I wrote him a check and contract he is to pay off his lien and give me the title. He says he mailed a certified check to the bank and its processing. He wanted his advance lot rent paid also.