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Birth registration service is available to parents who wish to register their newborns at SGH. The birth certificates can be collected immediately upon registration. Hence, payment have to be made in cash to the Registration Officer upon completion of the registration. Notification of Live Birth BD 50 issued by a doctor or midwife. Original identity cards of both parents. The parent's original marriage certificate. A letter of authorisation from the parents of the child, if registration is done by another person other than the parents.

Parents are requested to choose their child's name carefully and have it ready at the time of the registration. Ethnic characters of the child's name in Chinese, Jawi or Tamil can be included in the child's birth certificate. If they are unable to do so, they will have to bring someone to write it on their behalf. Any surname of the child to be entered in respect of the registration of the child's birth shall be that of the child's father. In cases where the child is illegitimate and the father is not an informant of the birth, the surname, if any, shall be that of the child's mother.

In the situation mentioned above, the appropriate fees will have to be paid and a birth extract will be issued instead of the Certificate of Birth. Subscribe to our mailing list to get the updates to your email inbox Can I become a resident by investing in New Zealand? Extending a work visa How can I report someone to immigration authorities?


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