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Assessment values will be based on review by appraisers, physical inspections of thousands of homes, and direct input from property owners. By law, the assessor must finalize the tax rolls by July 1. After that, the assessor cannot adjust the tax rolls, and any changes to value can only be made by the St.

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Louis County Board of Equalization. All residential property owners will also receive a change-of-assessment notice in the mail even if their value has not changed. Residential property owners should expect to receive the notice beginning mid-May. Commercial property owners should expect to receive a change-of-assessment notice by mid-June. Our office encourages property owners to use this option because they will be able to meet one-on-one with an appraiser and likely have their issues resolved without the need for a formal appeal.

Appointments are limited so owners are encouraged to call early. Taxing authorities such as school districts submit their projected tax rates to the St. Louis County collector of revenue, who then creates the projected tax liability notice for each property. All residential property owners will be mailed the change of assessment and projected tax liability notices. Beginning May 15, informal conferences for residential property owners can be scheduled by calling for the following locations:.

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All commercial property owners will receive change of assessment and projected tax liability notices. Taxpayers have until July 8 to submit their appeals in writing, but time is running out to make appointments to meet with assessors in person to protest the assessed valuation.

That deadline looms July 1.

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