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Clair County and all parts of Southern Illinois. I am proud to carry on his tradition of providing strategic, results-driven representation to people when their legal needs are at their greatest. When facing criminal charges, you want a law firm that handles criminal defense exclusively.

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Because my firm only represents criminal defendants, my clients have the reassurance that I handle complex criminal law issues every single day and devote percent of my resources to obtaining fair outcomes for them. In very few cases is it truly too late to do something to help someone who has been charged with a crime.

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At the same time, the sooner someone charged with driving under the influence DUI , drug crimes , weapons charges or any other crime retains my services, the sooner I can begin building a successful defense. While every case my firm handles is unique, many clients' cases come down to several core questions and issues. For example, was evidence obtained illegally? Was a traffic stop valid?

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After serving a sentence and paying a fine, a person convicted of drunk driving is eager to return to life as it was before the charges. In most parts of the U. While the worst parts of the charge may seem to be behind you, but you are then faced with yet another consequence: trying to obtain automobile insurance after a drunk driving conviction.

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An experienced defense attorney can explain, and perhaps help you avoid, the range of consequences of a drunk driving conviction. Q: What is "blood alcohol level"? A: Blood alcohol level BAC is a term used to describe the level of alcohol in the bloodstream of a person arrested for drunk driving.

It is used in court as evidence of that offense. The most common method of determining BAC is through a breath test, although blood and urine testing is done in some instances. If the level is found to be at or over.

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Q: Can I refuse a Breathalyzer? A: Although the answer can vary by state, in many cases, a refusal is itself a criminal violation subject to stiff penalties. In addition, if the case against you is proven, there may be additional penalties for the refusal, above and beyond those for the drunk driving offense. We have provided effective advice and assistance to thousands of clients facing driver's license suspensions and revocations, both in Illinois and out-of-state, including students from area colleges and universities. Free Consultation: Practice Areas.

Read More Challenging the Reliability of Breathalyzer Test Results In all drunk driving cases, the prosecution must prove that the defendant's blood alcohol concentration at the time of the offense was at or above a statutory limit. Read More Drunk Driving and Auto Insurance After serving a sentence and paying a fine, a person convicted of drunk driving is eager to return to life as it was before the charges. Impaired Driving Division - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Developing partnerships to save lives, prevent injuries, and reduce traffic-related health care costs resulting from impaired driving.

Read More. DUI has many different names and is referred to by multiple abbreviations but since governed by State law.

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Weapons offenses are most often charged as felonies, especially when the weapon is actually used. In Illinois there are various degrees of Murder, including first and second degree murder. As a licensed driver in the State of Illinois and even by the mere fact that you are driving on Illinois roadways, you are subject to the Illinois DUI laws Aurora and thereby you automatically consent to submit to certain tests following a stop or arrest for DUI.

The tests you may be required to perform include blood tests, urine tests and breathalyzer tests which will indicate the levels of intoxicating substances in your system. If you are stopped for DUI in Illinois and you refuse to submit to testing, unless your Illinois DUI Lawyer can challenge the stop or is otherwise successful during a summary suspension hearing, your driving privileges will be suspended for six months upon your first instance of refusal.

With each additional offense or refusal to submit to testing the suspension periods get longer and you could ultimately have your driving privileges permanently revoked.

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If your BAC is. If you are convicted of a second DUI offense within 20 years, you will lose your license for a minimum of five years. If the second offense is within five years, in addition to other fines and penalties, you will be sentenced to five days in jail or 30 days of community service. If committed while transporting a child under 16 years old you face charges for aggravated DUI which is a Class 4 felony punishable by a term of imprisonment not to be less than 1 year and not to exceed 3 years.