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The most commonly approved secondary taxes are for school construction bonds, improvement districts and primary tax overrides. Secondary taxes are not limited. Valuation Full Cash or Market Value The assessor's office studies the market and collects information about properties to estimate value. A property's value can change for many reasons. The most obvious is that the property itself changes. A bedroom, garage or swimming pool is added, or, part of the property is destroyed by demolition, wind, flood or fire.

The most frequent cause of a change in valuation is change in the market or economy. If a certain neighborhood or community becomes a fashionable place to live, the change in valuation will be reflected by the prices paid for property. In a stable neighborhood, with no extraordinary pressure from the market, simple inflation may increase property value.

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Your property assessment also contains a "Limited Value". This is an amount that is calculated annually, based upon a formula. The formula is very complex and cannot be fully explained here. One of the features of calculating a Limited Value is, that no matter what the formula yields, it may not exceed the Full Cash Value.

If you believe the assessor's estimate of your property value is incorrect you may ask someone in the assessor's office:. The Appeals Process An assessment appeal is not a complaint about higher taxes. It is an attempt to prove that your property's Limited Value is calculated incorrectly or that the Full Cash Value estimated market value is either inaccurate or unfair. You may appeal when you can prove at least one of four things:. Note: You will not win an appeal because you think your taxes are too high. This is an issue you must take up with the officials who determine tax rates and tax levies Council Members and Board Members.

Procedures and Deadlines When you receive your assessment notice, read it for instructions about deadlines and filing procedures. If they are not clear, call the assessor's office for information. Be sure you understand and follow the instructions. A missed deadline or incorrect filing can cause an action to be dismissed without further appeal rights.

Assessor: Full Cash Value of property is 'market driven'

Assessor Review The first step in the appeals process is to file a "Petition for Review of Valuation" with the assessor's office. The assessor will assign someone to review your petition.

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As part of the review process, it may be necessary to schedule an appointment and physically inspect the property to insure that all the valuation components are correct. After the assessor completes the review of your property you will be notified of the results. If you are satisfied with the assessor's decision, you do not need to proceed any further. The appeal procedure is completed and the valuations will be entered upon the assessment roll. If you are not satisfied with the assessor's decision, you may schedule a meeting with the assessor, or their representative, to further discuss the matters of your appeal.

After the meeting is completed, you will be notified of the results, often immediately. Ordinance Approving a change of zoning and amendment to the official zoning map for approximately 5. Ordinance Approving the development plan for the Chino Valley Town Center Planned Area Development and amending the official zoning map of the town of chino valley by changing the zoning classification of property consisting of approximately Ordinance Approving a change of zoning for approx.

Road 4 North and N. Reed Road, from SR Consequently, the BOS cannot usurp that function through one of its departments.

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Is there a[n] usurpation if such data entry is done with the input of the County Assessor? The BOS would significantly impair the ability of the Assessor to perform its duties by allowing a county department not controlled by the Assessor to interpret, adjust, or classify affidavit of value data. The Assessor is responsible for determining the names of all persons who own, claim, possess or control property in the County, and for processing parcel splits and combinations.

As explained above, the Assessor can only fulfill her statutory duties by controlling the personnel who perform the functions necessary to those duties as well as the processes by which they perform those functions. Attorney General. Date Posted.

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Opinion Number. May the County Assessor rely upon cartography services provided by a county department to fulfill her statutory duties or is the Assessor required to perform her own cartography functions or otherwise supervise those functions?

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Does the assignment of tax area codes to parcels of property by a county department, usurp the authority of the Assessor? May the County Assessor rely upon property title functions provided by a county department to fulfill her statutory duties or is the Assessor required to perform her own property title functions or otherwise supervise those functions?

Is there a usurpation if such data entry is done with the input of the County Assessor? Background A. Section provides: A. The assessor shall: 1. Emphases added. In furtherance of these duties the Procedures Manual tasks assessors as follows: Assessors are responsible for discovering, listing and valuing all locally assessable properties within their jurisdictions.

Field Surveys. The processing of Conveying Documents Affidavits of Value, deeds, etc. The creation and processing of Plat Maps a.

Studying aerial and ground-based Photographs. The processing of Building Permits.