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The Type Test section then indicates whether the test was a blood test, a breath test, a urine test, or other. Here, it is important to be aware that refusing a test, according to the law in Georgia, allows for the presumption of intoxication.

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Next, the Driver Condition identifies whether the driver was impaired in any way, and is relevant to determining if that driver was at-fault in the incident. The section titled Vision Obscured By is important because it reveals whether or not your vision was obscured by anything at all and what, specifically it may have been obscured by.

This can let you know whether or not the at-fault driver has an excuse for any negligent driving behavior. The Maneuver sections Vehicle Maneuver and Pedestrian Maneuver let you know how the vehicle was moving if it was moving and how any involved pedestrians were moving, both of which are useful in establishing fault on the part of the driver, or even the pedestrian.

Crash Reporting

Each of these sections are important because they tell you exactly what the vehicle collided with and whether it was a moving or non-moving object, if it even was a collision. Some accidents do not involve a collision, such as overturn accidents and explosions. The 28 variables listed in the Contributing Factors section of your GUVAR Overlay are very important in determining liability because they include things like DUI, failure to yield, following too close, exceeding speed limit, distracted driving and cell phone use, and improper passing, to name a few.

Naturally, this can give a much clearer picture of fault in a Georgia auto accident. The Road Composition section tells you what kind of road you were on at the time of the accident, whether it was concrete, gravel, or dirt, or example. The Contributing Road Defects section can be very relevant to your case because it lets you know if there were not any contributing road defects or if there were pot holes in the road, loose material, standing water, or even construction issues that contributed to the incident.

Finally, the sections concerning Damage to Vehicle and the Treatment and Injury of victims are relevant in establishing the severity of the property damage as well as whether or not anyone was injured, whom was injured including general age and sex , how severe those injuries were, and whether the injured persons were taken for treatment. The Ejection section refers to whether or not anyone was ejected from the vehicle fully or partially , or was trapped.

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There is a Safety Equipment section to address what safety equipment was used, such as seat belts, child safety seats properly or improperly used , and helmets in cases involving bicycles or motorcycles. Then, there is a section to indicate whether or not equipment was required to extricate any victims from the vehicle and section concerning whether or not the vehicle had airbags and whether those airbags deployed.

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