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Remembering Rep. Chief Standing Bear. Previous Next. Committee on Homeland Security am H. Committee on Foreign Affairs am H. McKinley To provide for transfers to the UMWA pension plan and a reduction in the minimum age for allowable in-service distributions. Grijalva To modify the requirements applicable to locatable minerals on public domain lan Committee on Natural Resources am H.

An Examination of the Practices of Private Funds. The next meeting is scheduled for p. House of Representatives, the Clerk notified the House that she had received the following message from the Secretary of the Senate on November 4, , at p.

Hill, the whole number of the House is View the full Floor Proceedings from the Clerk of the House. Search Text. House Overview Representatives Leadership Committees Officers and Organizations Congressional Partners Representatives Elected to a two-year term, each representative serves the people of a specific congressional district by introducing bills and serving on committees, among other duties.

Michael, Texas 11th Connolly, Gerald E. Dutch, Maryland 2nd Rush, Bobby L. Speaker of the House: Rep. Nancy Pelosi Elected by the whole of the House of Representatives, the Speaker acts as leader of the House and combines several institutional and administrative roles.

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Democratic Leadership Majority Leader Rep. Steny Hoyer Majority Whip Rep. James Clyburn Assistant Speaker Rep. Hakeem Jeffries. Be sure to include a space between "phonebook:" and "FirstName. Simply go to Whitepages, fill out the required fields under "Find People" and press the "Find" button. Go to a public records database like Peoplefinders. These websites capture public information from multiple online sources and aggregate it into a single database.

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Input the person's name, city and state. If the person is listed, you'll typically receive information including current and past addresses, phone numbers and more. Contact a relative. This technique works best if a person has an unusual last name. Call directory assistance on , request listings for that surname in a particular city and call those people.

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Ask if they are relatives of the person you're seeking. If so, introduce yourself, explain why you're looking for that person's address and ask if they would be comfortable providing it? Co-authored by wikiHow Staff Updated: June 27, Learn more Method 1. Open WhitePages. WhitePages is a directory which contains both free and paid information about people; if someone is in the WhitePages directory, their last-known address will be included for free. Enter a name. In the left-most text box in the middle of the page, type in the first and last name of the person for whom you want to search.

Add a location. Type the person's ZIP code or city name into the right-most text box in the middle of the page. Click the "Search". Select the person.

Click View Details to the right of the name of the person for whom you want to find an address. If you don't see a result for the person for whom you're searching, you can try a different city or ZIP code. Review the person's address. This is the most recent record available for the person. Method 2. Try TruePeopleSearch. This search engine functions almost identically to WhitePages, with the added bonus of providing you with a list of your person's known associates; this makes it easier to find someone who might live with your person.

Click the "Search" magnifying glass icon. Click View All Details to the right of a person's name. Use Google. Review the results. Try using Facebook. While few Facebook users post their address on Facebook, you can usually narrow down someone's city or country of residence by viewing their Facebook profile details.

Again, this won't help you find their exact address, but it will narrow down their location since they most likely live in the same town as the location. If they use other social media services, you can use their other social media to verify their current general location. Method 3. Understand what to look for.

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There's a lot of free information about most people on the Internet, most of which was put there by the people in question. If you want to find a person's address, you may be able to figure out their general location e.

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This requires an appreciation of context. For example, if you're looking at a location to which you know the person often travels, you can infer that they live relatively close to that location.

Attempt to triangulate their general location. If you can find three or more sources which list their current location as being in a specific city, you can assume that they're in that city for the time being. Knowing this will narrow down your search. Social media is the easiest way to determine this information, as most social media services will make your current city and state or country public information by default.

You can also check graduation records, news articles, and other public records to see if you can find additional information about the person.