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The Social Security Number SSN Trace associates a given name and SSN number against databases assembled from private sector sources and serves primarily as a locater tool to establish likely jurisdictions to search for public records.

The inclusion of information from the SSN Trace is only provided to confirm that the service was performed. Postal Service address forwarding, utility bill records, and voter registration records.

Social Security Numbers issued from that date forward have no correlation to state or date of issue. As a result, when an SSN trace is run on those numbers no state or date of issue data can be provided.

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Criminal Background Check Services

Those addresses are used to search criminal offenses at the county level, including every county in Maryland. Rasier reruns its Maryland background checks and motor vehicle record checks every year. Many employers will conduct random drug tests of their employee population. And, this is a best practice to defend against negligent retention.

Many firms do not consider performing a criminal records search on their employee population. This likewise is a best practice against a negligent retention lawsuit. You want to be aware of and take appropriate action against an employee who has exhibited unacceptable behavior that may pose a danger to your clients, fellow employees and the public.

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Rasier first maintains that CJIS checks are substantially flawed and inaccurate, noting that fingerprint-based checks are inappropriate screens for work opportunities, and that the relevant government repositories are neither comprehensive nor accurate. Also, background checks conducted by its third-party provider are more comprehensive and accurate than CJIS checks because 1 flaws and gaps in the CJIS process are solved by searching more than 1, data sources and then confirming results from relevant court records; and 2 uses a process that accounts for all relevant crimes and dispositions.

Lyft argues that its use of a third-party commercial background check provider is at least as accurate as CJIS checks, because its process employs multiple layers of authentication, including in-person verification of applicant identities with a government-issued photo ID prior to running the check.

Lyft further maintains that because their provider directly searches databases and records that CJIS checks do not, their checks are capable of retrieving criminal history that a fingerprint-based check cannot, making them more comprehensive and accurate than CJIS checks. Lyft maintains CJIS checks are incomplete and inaccurate because they primarily rely on criminal records that have been successfully associated with a fingerprint obtained at arrest, and because the national records provided by the FBI only include certain types of offenses and have suffered from reporting deficiencies by participating states.

Lyft also argues that the continuous criminal history updates provided by CJIS are of limited utility because they are limited to Maryland, do not include traffic convictions, and almost never result in dispositive action against a licensee until an individual is convicted.