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Can I Get Someone's Name and Address from Their IP Address? - Ask Leo!

Choose Email Header Analyzer. Paste the header information into the empty text box, then click the Analyze button. The site will now search through the header and produce the general location of the server from whence it came. If you use an email provider other than Gmail then you can check out the instructions provided by WhatsMyIP on how to find the header. Select this. In the black window that appears type tracert followed by the url of the website in question.

For example tracert www. Windows will run the search and then give you the IP address of the site in the last line of the report. Copy this and then go to IP Tracker and paste the address into the box at the bottom of the page. New questions and answers are added daily. That's askleo.

Anyone can find out where you are.

What can people tell from my IP address? People can tell very little from your IP address. They cannot, for example, tell who or where you are.

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How much they can tell varies a great deal. Can I get someone's name and address from their IP address? Getting someone's name and address from their IP address has some legalities. How do I figure out who owns an IP address? While you cannot find the specific owner of an IP address, I'll look at a few tools to see what IP-related information you can get.

When I visit a web site, can the server identify me? A server can easily identify any users that visit their web sites. However, there are services that will allow you to surf anonymously. While your synopsis of tracing an IP address is correct; I would simply like to point out some things that were not addressed in either your article or podcast. While the general public may not have the knowledge or desire to hunt down individual ip addresses; it's not very difficult for someone like myself to utilize a degree of social engineering which doesn't require technical knowledge of a computer or even how networks operate.

I would just like to state that worries can be eliminated by simply utilizing what are known as proxy servers that will mask the originating IP address so that there is zero opportunity for anyone to be able to pin point an actual geographical location. Of course I am sure you know the routine, I was just shocked that it wasn't mentioned and a preventive measure.

I just received a message stating that someone with I. I googled the I. Then all the messages that he has written. It shows up from Romania? But the address is on the East Coast?

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  • I wouldn't call it zero. The owner of the proxy server could be tracing or logging where things come from and go to.

    You're kinda trusting that they won't reveal that information. The forum software could certainly have it, but it will take the forum administrator, or perhaps even the server administrator to retrieve it. But I will warn you that the IP address may not get you very far even if you do get it. I have a problem with someone harassing my daughter online with AIM. How do i find out who it is and report it to the police. The person has made threatning remarks. I'm part of an internet forum where a moderator got in a small fight with a user and the mod went and did an IP trace and from that info, he posted the user's state in the public thread.

    Is this legal? Then it asked to verify my account when I signed in, asking for information down to my ATM number. Obviously, PayPal had no interest in that number since it is not used in transactions. The PayPal inquiry was undoubtedly a fake. Do not respond to PayPal or any credit card company through the email itself, but go to the source and reinforce your security up to and including cancelling your account or credit card. Someone used spyware to check my IP address.

    How emails can be used to track your location and how to stop it

    They claimed all they needed was the screename I was using in the forum we were in. I know exactly who the person is and what country they live in. The person was actually bragging about doing this. In the process they totally ruined my computer. I'm pretty sure it has a few dozen viruses by now. The night it happened I ran Ad-Aware, and over things were on the report, so I know it was from this person and their little spyware crap.

    Is there any way to get them in trouble for this? For using spyware and wrecking my puter? Or atleast using the spyware on them to show them how it feels? I also got 4 of the same messages from paypal Someone with ip address I canceled my account ,. Unfortunately now some cyberstalkers are not "stupids" and they use several methods to stay anonymous. Many cyberstalkers visits many hack webs pages to learn how to stay anonymous. If a cyberstalker use remotes pc computers from differents countries : Unless if you have a lot of money , if u are poor as i , you cant do anything when they use those methods :.

    A friend of mine who has a web page , it was hacked 4 times during , so he call to his ISP proxy , No response , they call police , they said that is the hacker located out from my country they can tell it to interpol but they only waste time in bigger crimes such as pedophilia , frauds Interpol dont waste time in crimes such as cyberstalking :. Hello Can I identify a persons ip address and view every or some of the websites they have visited? I would be very pleased if you could answer my question it's very important.

    Hi I was wondering if I text messaged someone through yahoo messenger will they be able to find out where I live? Thank you. Without doing a thing you will see your IP, a physical map and everything down to longitude and latitude. Any IP can be entered. Didn't even get the city right. It shows a map. It shows a dot on that map that is exactly where my residence is.

    IP Address Information

    No, it's not my actual physical address, but it shows city and area, and with the ability to determine longitude and latitude say a GPS system , it's within feet! Why don't you get this? Why do you want people to feel safe when they are not? Addition to above It appears that you did not go to the link given in first email.